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Singles Ministry

This ministry sponsored by the Stewardship Committee offers the opportunity for single men and women to meet with others at a similar time in life, going from 'we' to 'me'.


2023 Schedule of events:

April 25

Dining out at Camden on the Lake.  RSVP Analee Hodge 573-286-7789 by April 17th

May 10

Tentative trip to Churchill Museum and late lunch.  More information to follow

May 23

Dining out at Tavern on the Bend. RSVP to Doris Foley 214-687-7789 by May 16th

June 3

Lunch at Shawnee Bluff in Lake Ozark. RSVP to Elaine Phillips 573-873-4052 by May 30th

June 29

Dining out at The Encore. RSVP to  Rich Helmig 573-745-1544 by June 21st 

July 15

Game Day and Member's Birthday Potluck at Christ the King Lutheran Church  RSVP Sue Bennett 309-721-6617

July 26

Dining out at Old Kinderhook. RSVP to Richard Zimmerman 901-832-3064 by July 18th

August 11

Dining out at Michael's Chalet RSVP to Sarah Stevenson 573-348-5262 by August 15th

September 14

Trip to the Lyceum Theater with dinner at The Tavern at Trails End.  Rich Zimmerman coordinating.  More information to follow

October 13

Trip to Boonville RSVP Arlene Wheeler coordinating.  More information to follow

October 25

Dining out at Bentley's. RSVP to Elaine Phillips at 573-873-4052 by October 16th

November 30

Tentative Music Hall Performance and Dinner  Arlene Wheeler coordinating. More information to follow.

December 8

Laurie Lights and Dinner  Kathy Dixon coordinating  More information to follow

This schedule is subject to change.  Please contact the church office if you have questions 573-365-5212

The committee has CTK members and volunteers from our community.  Those serving from our church:

Kathy Dixon 573-434-9528

Doris Foley 214-687-7789

Arlene Wheeler 573-480-0658


Community members are Elaine Phillips, Analee Hodge, Richard Zimmerman, Sarah Stevenson, and Kate Bacigaliyso.  For further information you may contact any of the above. 

You are welcome to bring a friend, as this is also an outreach program of events.  Each event is sponsored by a committee person so RSVP's to that sponsor is a must.  



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