Singles Ministry

This ministry sponsored by the Stewardship Committee offers the opportunity for single men and women to meet with others at a similar time in life, going from 'we' to 'me'.


A calendar of events for 2022 will be available at the Welcome desk in January 2022.  The committee has CTK members and volunteers from our community.  Those serving from our church:

Kathy Dixon 573-434-9528

Doris Foley 214-687-7789

Jinny Ruppin 573-693-9876

Arlene Wheeler 573-480-0658


Community members are Elaine Phillips, Analee Hodge, Richard Zimmerman, Sarah Stevenson, and Kate Bacigaliyso.  For further information you may contact any of the above. 

You are welcome to bring a friend, as this is also an outreach program of events.  Each event is sponsored by a committee person so RSVP's to that sponsor is a must.  


Upcoming Activities

October 26  Step back in time as we visit the Boone Junctions Village in Columbia.  Elaine Phillips will be coordinating this outing and more information will be provided as plans are solidified.  We will be carpooling form Chris the king  for this outing.

December     What better way to get in the Holiday Spirit than a Christmas Light  Celebration Cruise.  Jinny Ruppin is coordinating this outing and more info will be provided as dates are solidified.