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Our Hope

Discipleship Journey

If you're wanting some guidance in what it looks like to be a disciple, steps to take to raise your kids in the faith, how to get plugged into the church, or ways to continue to grow, take a look at our Discipleship Journey Guide.

College Handbook

To help send out our college students as Christ's ambassadors to their campus, we have put together a College Handbook detailing God's plan for their college years and giving practical advice about how to thrive, not just survive at college. The PDF of the handbook can be viewed/downloaded here.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Check out our Spiritual Gifts Inventory, which can be taken either below online or on paper by contacting the church office.

Spiritual Gifts Test - Adult Version

Spiritual Gifts Test - Youth Version

Statement of Faith

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Gifted by Grace 7-Lesson Course

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