Get in the Word with Us


Here at Christ the King, we love to hear about how people are growing in their faith through God’s Word in worship, Sunday morning Bible studies, youth group, family devotions, Sunday School, small groups, personal devotions, and more! We want to help you grow this year, so we want to share some information with you to highlight some ways we want to help:


If you’re wanting help doing family, personal, or couple devotions, check out the free RightNow Media program! RightNow Media is a huge library of video Bible studies and other Christian videos for adults, couples, small groups, kids, and more! Many of our small groups, Bible studies, and families are already taking advantage of this great free resource and seeing positive growth through it, and we want you to do so as well! You can start watching one of the thousands of Bible studies on there by signing up for RightNow Media here.


Weekly Opportunities

  • Sunday School 9:30 AM - Drop-off/Pick-up in the Fellowship Hall  

  • Sunday 9:30 AM - Sanctuary - "Welcome to the War" - Pastor Morris 

  • Sunday 9:30 AM - Room D 107 - The Daniel Plan - Molly Brickner     

  • Sunday 9:30 AM - Room D114 - New Members class - Pastor Lehenbauer  

  • Sunday 9:30 AM - Room D112 - The Bible in 2 years - Ed Nicholson 

  • Sunday 6:30 PM - Room D107 - Ladies Evening Bible Study- Revelation    

  • Monday 8 AM - Room D107 - Men’s Bible study (It’s a Guy Thing) - Studying Jonah- Includes breakfast and Bible study

  • Tuesday 10 AM-12 PM - Room D107 - Ladies Bible Study - The Chosen - Violet Kurtz -