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The Generosity Effect

The Happiness Lift

The more people volunteer, the happier they are.  Compared with those who never volunteer, the odds of being very happy rose:


7% Among those who volunteer monthly

12% Among those who volunteer every 4 to 4 weeks

16% Among those who volunteer weekly


Get involved.  No matter your age, you can benefit from donating your time to a worthy cause.  If you are looking for a new volunteer opportunity checkout this booklet.


(This information taken from the Thrivent Magazine 2017)


Dear Christ the King Member,


Congratulations on being a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church!  We thank the Lord of the Church that he brought you to the congregation.  We rejoice that you are part of the family in this place and we can’t wait to see the adventures our God has in store for us in the years to come!


The mission of the congregation is simple and practical:


Chris the King Lutheran Church exists to develop committed Christians.  We exist to help people come to KNOW Christ, to GROW in Christ, to SERVE Christ, and to SHARE Christ.


Our congregation does not exist to maintain the status quo.  This is not a group of people who are committed to remaining comfortable at all costs.  We are an active and engaged part of the Body of Christ.  We do our best to serve our Lord and fellow man.  In short, you are part of a group of people who act on their faith, not recline in it. 


In the pages of the packet you have found information concerning a majority of our activities, servant opportunities, and ministry areas.  We hope that you will be motivated to jump in and fully participate in the vibrancy of the mission here in this place.  If you have any questions about what we do, when we do it, why we do it, or how you fit, do not hesitate to contact Pastor Lehenbauer, myself or any of the ministry leaders here at Christ the King.  Once again, we thank God that you are here and we are looking forward to serving alongside you!


Your Fellow Servant,

Rev. Kristopher M. Morris

Bible Study / Sunday school Opportunities

Bible Class                Leads, develops, prepares and publicizes the classes through the church                                           ministry, for men and women.


Sunday School          Prepare lessons and teach Sunday School class, to Children of all grades.


Teacher (Sub)            Be the backup for teachers who are ill or out of town.


Cancer Leader           Develop a support group and lead study activity for the weekly meeting.


Grief Share                Provide and lead the bible study activity for   the weekly meeting.


Ladies Bible Study   Lead weekly bible study on Tuesdays.


Men’s Bible Study    Lead weekly bible study on Mondays.


Young Mothers         Develop a weekly bible study.


LWML                         Perform mission activities and social events for ladies of the congregation.                                       Circle of Grace is based at church,                                                        


Seasonal                    A variety of occasional needs, like being a Greeter at an Advent or Lenten                                       Service, also helping with the Christmas program.   


VBS                            Vacation Bible School needs many volunteers to make the week-long                                                 program successful. 



Usher              Foster a friendly environment and hand out bulletins.  Collect and take attendance                          pads to mailroom.  Straighten out Hymn books.


Attendant       Manage the coffee and donuts between services. Wash pots and Store left-over in                          the refrigerator.  Help clean up sanctuary


Greeter           Greet people at the door.  Take visitors to the guest book.  Give welcome packet                            to new visitors.  Help clean up the sanctuary.


Altar Guild     Change vestments each church period.  Maintain the candles.  Provide                                              communion ware and clean up.


Choir               Practice music weekly from September to May, then sing with Choir at services.


Praise Team  Select and practice music that relates to the worship environment. Present worship                         music periodically.


Soloist            Select and practice music that relates to the worship environment. Present worship                          music periodically.


Handbells       Practice and perform at worship services and possibly other  venues.


Acolyte           Junior Youth will light and extinguish candles for each worship service as                                          scheduled


Evangelism    Become a member of the Evangelism team.                                      

                       Attend meetings and participate in activities.


5th Sunday    Join the Team that plans, coordinates, and serves our Fellowship Sundays.                                       About 4 a year.


Gospel Gardener        Assist with Fall and Spring grounds clean-

                                     up.  Plan, plant, and maintain flowers and shrubs.                          


Angel Food                 Provide meals and clean up for funerals and

                                     members as needed.


AV Booth                     Help run audio and video as well as record services.


Parish Education        Meet monthly to direct the Sunday School teachers,  VBS programs, bible                                         study teachers and leaders.  Appoint leaders and facilitate the Youth                                                 program.


Stewardship Board    Meet monthly to assimilate new members into the church family. Track                                              membership information – Spiritual Gifts, Activities, Training. Plan,                                                      implement, and evaluate results of giving programs. Track small group                                              creation.


Stephen Ministry       Stephen Ministers interface with members and the community when asked                                      to provide Christian comfort and companionship during personal crisis.                                            They receive extensive training and skills from their Stephen Leaders.


Elderly Call Tree         Makes daily calls to the elderly single members of the church to determine                                       that the person is well and doing okay.


Small Group               Organize a small group of fellow believers to gather together around the                                          Word, encouragement, and prayer.

Youth / Service Opportunities


VBS Director            Pray for, organize, and manage the VBS volunteers


Station Leader         Lead one of the main stations each VBS day Crafts, Storytelling, Games,                                            Snacks, etc.


Crew Leader            Lead Bible story discussions and lead group from one station to the next                                          each VBS day.                    


VBS Decor               Help create the set, rooms, and decorations for VBS.


Children’s Church   Teach children’s church lessons on Sunday mornings through crafts and                                              activities.


Youth Group           Assist with various youth activities, fundraisers and events. Meets on                                                  Wednesdays.




Hope House           Work on site at the Hope House Center pricing, unpacking, organizing                                             clothing, food and household items.  They need help anytime they are open.                                   Christ the King staffs the Hope House the second week of each month.  Also,                                   the Hope House food drive is every second Sunday of the month.


Comfort Dog Team   Dog Handlers and Assistants go to local venues to meet with groups to                                            share the joy of companionship and comfort. May travel to disaster sites                                           when appropriate.

Sailing Solo               Single people in the community meet monthly at various venues to enjoy                                         local attractions, socialize, and experience fellowship


The King’s Academy


Library                        Help check in/out, organize books and helping the children


Reader                        Periodically come in and read to our children.


Tutoring                     Grades Kindergarten through 7th grade in Math or Reading.


Kitchen                       Help for about 1 ½ hours per day to prepare, serve and clean-up for lunch                                        one to five days a week.


Teacher’s Aid             Copy and Cut things out for our teachers


Playground                Supervise recesses for all classes


Traffic                         Before and After school control traffic flow for one to 5 days a week


After School              Help organize and run sports activities in basketball, volleyball, and cross                                         country


Fundraising              Several events throughout the year, bookfair, flower sale, scrip sales, box                                          top collection, carnival and Gala.  Preparing, soliciting donations,                                                      organizing setting up and taking down

Other Short-Term Opportunities


Christmas Decorating             Lenten Meals              Book Fair

Fifth Sunday Meals                 Scrip Card Sales          Gala

Flower Sales                            Lunch Room Duty       Recess Duty

Alter Vestment Changes        Camp Read-a-lot        Funerals

School Year End Carnival       School Plays                VBS

Teacher Appreciation             Interramal Sports        Library Days

Spring & Fall Clean Up          Rummage Sale           Hope House

Parking for Local Events        Cookie Sale   

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