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Ministry Clarity News

After months of reviewing all the Creative Ideas and meetings with leaders, our Consultant prepared a Draft 5-Year Ministry Clarity Plan twenty-two pages long.  This document was sent to all the Teams and Ministries for feedback.  With that information, efforts from the Ministry and Communication Teams, and guidance from the consultant, the document was reduced to five pages.  The full twenty-two page draft,comment sheet, and a video of the 1st Town Hall Meeting are all available at the bottom.  The reduced five pages are listed below.    We encourage you to read through all documents and join us at our next Town Hall Meeting Thursday, April 4th at 6:00 PM here at Christ the King.  The Christ the King Ministry Clarity 5-Year Plan will be presented to the congregation during the Town Hall Event.  These events are intended to gather congregational feedback, and answer questions.  Consultant Mark Frith will be at this event to answer questions and provide an overview.  Once comments are reviewed the Final Plan will be submitted to the April Voter's Meeting.

Ministry Clarity Process and Plan




Our Vision Statement


Christ the King is a family of faith committed to caring for our community and changing hearts and lives with the Love of Jesus.


Christ the King Mission Pillars



In our church, neighborhood, and vocations we are warm, inviting, and open to looking for opportunities to care for others as Christ has cared for us.



We are observant of the needs of others, genuinely seeking to help carry their burdens and serve them with the love of Jesus



Our worship is actively centered in God’s Word and Sacraments and finds

its fullest expression in daily devotion and prayer



We boldly speak the Good News of Jesus Christ so that His love to others and the freedom He provides will be the focus of all we do.




Christ The King desires that all members, young and old, joyfully encourage one another to participate weekly in worship, to care for other members of the Christ the King family through congregational activities and personal contact, and to grow in faith as disciples of our Savior and King.


GOAL 1:  Increase average weekly worship attendance to 450 people by January 1, 2028.


ACTION:  By September 2024, the Church Council adopts an “Engaging Worship Initiative” recruiting and appointing an Engaging Worship Team to create an Engaging Worship Initiative Plan by December 2024.


ACTION:  By January 2026, Christ the King’s average weekly Bible Study attendance is

100 people.


ACTION:  By January 2026, an average of 25% of Christ the King members are actively involved in a small group.


ACTION:  By January 2026, Christ the King’s newest members are assimilated into and fully embracing the abundant life we have in Christ.


GOAL 2:  By December 2025, Christ the King is engaged in active collaborative ministry initiatives with other LCMS churches in the Lake of the Ozarks area and serving as a “hub” of those efforts.


ACTION:  By March 2025, the Church Council creates an Inter-church Committee to think through best practices for shared ministries and drafts a plan for sharing in ministry together.

GOAL 3:  By June 2026, guests from the Lake Area community are enjoying authentically Lutheran styles of worship, multiple versions of worship, and are being engaged by Jesus Christ in worship and fellowship with Christ the King members to live strong lives through the abundant life provided by Jesus in His Word and Kingdom. 




Christ the King embraces and connects with Youth and their Family Members   so that they too may participate weekly in worship, to care for other members of the Christ the King family through congregational activities and personal contact, and to grow in faith as disciples of Our Savior and King.


GOAL 1:  By December 2025, Youth and Families of Youth are well connected and engaged through the medium of a newly established, intentional small group ministry program, precipitating better growth in faith and fellowship.


ACTION:  By September 2024, the Church Council adopts an "Improving Youth and Family of Youth Ministry Initiative" and appoints a Youth Initiative Team to facilitate this endeavor.


ACTION:  By March 2025, The Youth Initiative Team will define a type of leader to be accountable for implementation of goals and share their recommendations with Church Council at the March 2025 Council Meeting.


ACTION:  By June 2025, The Youth Initiative Team with guidance from Pastors will train individuals to set up and facilitate these groups.

ACTION:  By June 2026, Youth and Families of Youth are enriching the lives of Christ the King members and other Lake Area residents through service projects and thereby enriching their own lives.



Christ the King reaches out and connects with people in our community embracing them with acts of mercy, material assistance, and the gospel of the Savior’s love that helps them thrive in this life and the next.


GOAL 1:  In the next 12-24 months, members of the Lake Area community are engaged in activities inside CTK facilities through multiple events and programs co-sponsored with outside organizations.


GOAL 2:  Develop a multi-faceted communication strategy to keep members and the community informed of what is happening at CTK by June 2025.




Christ the King and The King’s Academy cultivates knowledge, skills and passion in students and their families that they might more clearly see Jesus and desire to identify with the Body of Christ in order to “be about the King’s work”.


GOAL 1:  By August 2024, the School Board is assured that all safety measures for our Academy children and families are in place; a renewed safety policy document is adopted; and staff have implemented the security action plan.


GOAL 2:  By January 2026, School families are enjoying a newfound joy in worshiping with Christ the King members and stronger relationships through intentional fellowship connections. 


ACTION:  By August 2024, communication of current church services, special congregational initiatives, faith-stories from members, Bible Passage of the Week, and more are included in King’s Academy Teachers newsletters or News Cards and are distributed to students to take home to their families.


ACTION: By August 2024, vibrant and engaging communication media is enriching and engaging Christ the King members for a strong alliance with the mission of The King’s Academy.


GOAL 3:  By August 2026, The King’s Academy is enjoying an increase in enrollment in grades 6-8 by 25%, through sharing Christ, building connections and coordinating efforts with surrounding schools.


If you wish to read more in depth please follow the link below to download the full 18 page document:


Comment Sheet is available below to view and download

To view the 1st Town Hall Meeting on 2/25/24 follow the link below

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