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Angel Food Ministry (AFM) at Christ the King (CTK) exists to serve balanced & nutritious meals to incapacitated members of CTK who have experienced surgery or are confined due to other medical problems.


This ministry is available to those that do not have a caregiver or spouse who is able to take care of their needs.


Pastor Ron will alert the chairman concerning the person in need and any existing dietary problems.  The chairman will contact the member and confirm delivery.


One-two meals per week will be provided  until the person is self-sufficient.


There will be eight teams consisting of three members. The teams will be rotated to cover the time required.  A team will be called as soon as possible regarding preparation of the food.


The first person listed on each team is the captain. She is responsible for contacting and planning the meal with the other two members.  If the captain is unable to contact a team member, a substitute list is provided for temporary help.


The following food items will be provided by the teams:

o   Soup, casserole, or meat.

o   Salad, vegetables, and bread.

o   Dessert.


Make enough food for two days for the whole family.  Information regarding the number of people in the family will be provided.


Food items should be labeled with the name of the member the food is for, and placed in the refrigerator at church on or before the pre-arranged day and time for delivering the food.  If a team member lives close to the member and is willing to deliver the item personally, please alert the team and the chairman.


Disposable containers are strongly recommended.  If disposable containers are not available, the team member providing the food should label their containers with their name and phone number.


Soups and Jello salads are suggested for chemo. patients. Prepackaged salads and dressing packets are also recommended.


Our objective is to minister and share with others during a difficult period of illness until they are self-sufficient.  God says whatever we do for others, we do it for Him.  What a great way to serve others and the Lord at the same time.


God’s blessings!

For Questions Contact: Chairman - Kristi Emery  563-506-8983


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